Party Time

Great food is important for all special  events and festive occasions. What better way to enjoy an occasion, than having a cooking party, with fun and frolic, and delicious odours wafting from the kitchen.

Preparing Indian meals together provides a wonderful way to for family and friends to bond and celebrate. Camaraderie and friendly banter at these cookouts re a huge part of the Indian joint family culture.  These sessions  great for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversarys, christmas and new year or just a holiday treat  for foodies.

The Dibs' Indian Cooking Parties are informal, fun  - part demo and part hands-on, where everybody from novices to expert cooks, can participate. All ingredients are provided and are of premium quality.  No colours, preservatives or readymade pastes for our sessions. We cook with only the finest produce and ingredients.These sessions can take between 4 to 6 hours depending on the menu. Detailed recipes, shopping advice, nutritional tips are provided, and everybody gets to have a grand Indian feast.

To arrange a Cooking Party...
Organize a group - family or friends. You can have a cozy group of six, or larger groups. Choose a location - it can be your home or a venue of your choice, with access to a kitchen of course! Contact me via mail or phone to discuss your menu and preferences. Set a date and time for the party, that's mutually convenient.

Costs:  Usually AUD175 per person, but this can change depending on menu, number of participants.

Enquire Now for a tailored quote.

Available  Now: 2014 Mother's Day Gift Certificates

Gift Mum a Cooking Party!
This year gift Mum with something unique and special - her own special Indian Cooking Party Gift Certificate, and watch her face light up with excitement! Mum can decide when she wants the party, whom to invite, and what the menu will be.  Alternately you decide everything and give her a surprise she will never forget!  This can be in her own home of venue of choice.

Certificates are valid for six months, so plenty of time to plan and coordinate dates!

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