Feedback & Photo Gallery

"I could recreate the flavours of yummy Indian cuisine in Australia. Even better than in a restaurant"
Jacqueline Joseph, Teacher at Le Cordon Bleu

"Thank you so much for Sat.  We absolutely enjoyed it!  And the food was
wonderful.  You are a gifted cook and teacher.  We appreciated how you
explained everything to us and let us do as much hands on as we wanted. We
have enjoyed eating the food and our family can't believe we made it!"

Ling and Steve Caslick, Hornsby Heights

"Relaxed atmosphere, genuinely good food made the experience.  All the dishes I learnt were great. Prawn dish (Bengali style prawn curry in coconut milk) was so simple abd tasty. I have to try it again!"
Matthew Sefian, Liverpool

"I had missed learning how to make vadais (South Indian / Srilankan style lentil fritters) from my grandma. I am happy I finally learnt to make them through this cooking class,  and they tasted just like grandma's."
Vanessa Jason, Petersham

"Thank you again so much for an awesome afternoon! We had such a wonderful time and now we feel so confident to try the amazing recipes at home. You did a fantastic job at sharing your detailed food knowledge with us and we were both impressed by the class. I've been telling all my friends about how great it was!"
Jill Ford, Marsfield



I made awesome Butter Chicken!

Getting the perfect 'tear drop' Naan shape
Perfect Finish on the Tandoori Chicken

Stirring up some Pork Vindaloo

Checking texture for Lentil Vadais

Look at our Samosas!

Samosa line up!

Muscle power!

Some serious knife-skills!