Our varieties of classes introduce you to diverse spreads from different regions of India, and cater to non-veg, veg and vegan preferences. There’s a menu for every preference from festive meals to everyday home cooking.   

The traditional Indian cuisine encompasses delectable spreads for gluten-free and dairy-free diets, as it does not heavily dependent on any single grain or ingredient. To accommodate any further special dietary requirements do contact me.  

Classes of four hours duration. The menus suggested are only indicative of what we can offer! We do have many many more dishes that we can teach you! Contact me for a discussion!

Enjoy what you prepare with a complimentary beverage at our place, or, carry back what you prepare and impress your family and friends!

Four Hour Sessions
Detailed decriptions here.
North Indian Indian Food around the globe is predominantly influenced by North Indian Food. The cuisine is characterized by rich curries in creamy sauces, flavour packed lentils, and an amazing variety of flat breads. In this class you can explore the array of popular North Indian dishes. Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options are available.
Tandoori Chicken
Mint Raita
Jeera Rice
Dingri Mattar
Lamb Rogan Josh or Murgh Musallam
Sweet Lassi
North Indian Vegetarian
Paneer Tikka Kebab
Mint Raita
Naan Bread
Jeera Rice
Kadai Vegetable
Dal Makhni
Sweet Lassi

East Indian (Bengali Non Vegetarian) Bengali food is characterised by its use of Fish, which is prepared in innumerable ways. The characteristic dairy based Bengali desserts are also much sought after world over.
Aloo Torkari
Saag Kumro
Prawn Malai Curry
Fish Paturi (Basa)
Bhapa Doi

South Indian Vegetarian Meal (Tamil)South Indian Meals are differentiated by their simple and fresh flavours. Food is generally classified into six tastes - sweet, sour, salt, bitter, pungent and astringent and traditional Tamil cuisine recommends that you include all of these six tastes in each main meal that you eat. Each taste has a balancing ability that provides nutrition, minimizes cravings, balances the appetite and aids digestion.
Tomato Rasam
Lemon Rice and Coconut Rice
Mixed Vegetable Koottu
Green Vegetable Poriyal .
Neer Mor
South Indian Tiffin SpecialTiffin is a word that originated in British India, and now part of Indian English, to refer to a light afternoon meal or snack.  South Indian Tiffin dishes make for a sumptuous breakfast as well. In this class you will learn few of the classic South Indian dishes.
Masala Dosa
Kesari Bath
Indian Currys Special  - Learn an assortment of four different curry flavours in one class. You will then be able to adapt to numerous dishes at home! If you think curry powder makes a good curry you are in for a surprise!
Murgh Makhanwala or   Paneer Makhanwala (Vegetarian)
Chingiri Maacher Malai Curry or  Vegetable Stew  (Vegetarian) 
Mutter Masala (Vegetarian)
Navratan Kurma (Vegetarian)
Jeera Rice
Vegan The Indian cuisine offers an enviable number of vegan dishes. These are proud traditional recipes wholesome in themselves, and don’t require substitutes for meat, egg or dairy products. Explore a few different recipes and never again be short of tasty vegan meal ideas! 
Vegetable Biriyani 
Okra /Brinjal / Chillie Salan
Sweet Boondi

Indian Street Food / Snacks / Savouries- An amazing array flavours that explode in your mouth.  These creative dishes are seen dotting the country in tiny carts along the steets, in markets, exhibitions and fairs.

Indian Sweets and Desserts - Every state in India is known for its unique sweet preparations. From simple delightful everyday sweets to festive elaborate preparations, Indian Sweets have something to offer to suit every palate.