Hello & Namaste! I am an Indian mom and a cook. My interest in cooking began very early on, as I watched and helped my mother in our South Indian Vegetarian kitchen. In later years, my corporate jobs in Learning & Development, took me to many different places across India and overseas. Wherever I went I chased up unique ethnic recipes and tried them out at home. My marriage made me adept in yet another very different cuisine and non-vegetarian food. Over the last ten years my knowledge and skills in a variety of foods has grown enormously. I cook all the time for appreciative colleagues, friends and friend’s friends and so on.

I moved to Sydney in 2008, and was fascinated not only by the amazing variety of cuisines here, but also the unique relationship Aussies have with food! People love to cook, dine out, seek out underground restaurants, and thoroughly enjoy their weekend BBQs! There are food and wine fests and no dearth of cooking shows on the Tele! National political debates were being rescheduled to make way for Masterchef finals on the Tele!!

When it comes to Indian cuisine, most restaurants and shows in Aussie seem to focus on a few dishes all the time. However the diversity and range of Indian foods go far beyond a few flat breads and currys! Each state in India has its own distinct recipes and flavours. Indian Cooking Classes, is a way in which I can combine my passions for teaching and cooking, as well as share the amazing wonders of the Indian Kitchen with food enthusiasts.