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Classes - Four Hour Sessions

These classes will cover complete meals / spreads, and take between 3.5 to 4 hours to complete.    The menus are only indicative. You can share your likes and preferences and ask for a discussion on possibilities! 
North Indian Indian Food around the globe is predominantly influenced by North Indian Food. The cuisine is characterized by rich curries in creamy sauces, flavour packed lentils, and an amazing variety of flat breads. In this class you can explore the array of popular North Indian dishes. Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options are available.

Tandoori Chicken – A classic Indian grilled chicken marinated with yogurt, lemon juice, and plenty of spices.
Mint Raita – A lovely mint and yoghurt accompaniment with Tandoori Chicken.
Naan – A popular Indian Flat Bread.
Jeera Rice – Cumin and herb flavoured rice.
Dingri Mattar – Delicately spiced Mushrooms and Peas.
Lamb Rogan JoshRogan means clarified butter, while Josh means hot or passionate. This is an aromatic lamb dish from Kashmir that one can certainly be passionate about!
Murgh Musallam – chicken subtly flavoured with Indian spices and cooked in onion based gravy.
Sweet Lassi – Flavoured sweet butter milk.

North Indian Vegetarian
Paneer Tikka Kebab – A colourful grill of Indian Cottage Cheese and Veggies. This is a great dish to serve at your next BBQ!
Mint Raita – A lovely mint and yoghurt accompaniment with Tandoori Chicken.
Naan Bread – A popular Indian Flat Bread.
Jeera Rice – Cumin and herb flavoured rice.
Kadai Vegetable – Vibrant vegetables cooked with assorted flavours and spices.
Dal Makhni – A rich creamy and delicious slow cooked lentils in butter – a staple in North Indian homes.
Sweet Lassi – Flavoured sweet butter milk

East Indian (Bengali Non Vegetarian) Bengali food is characterised by its use of Fish, which is prepared in innumerable ways. The characteristic dairy based Bengali desserts are also much sought after world over.
Luchis – Deep fried flat bread.
Aloo Torkari – A lightly spice potato dish that makes a great accompaniment with Luchis.
Pushpanna  – Also called Royal Bengali Rice, is a delicately flavoured basmati rice cooked in milk, saffron and sprinkled with dried fruits and nuts.
Saag Kumro  Greens and Pumkin, a tasty way to get in your vitamins!
Prawn Malai Curry – A classic Bengali dish of prawns cooked in a rich coconut gravy.
Fish Paturi (Basa) – A delicacy of mustard flavoured fish cooked in a Banana Leaf.
Bhapa Doi – Luscious sweet steamed yoghurt.  

South Indian Vegetarian Meal (Tamil)South Indian Meals are differentiated by their simple and fresh flavours. Food is generally classified into six tastes - sweet, sour, salt, bitter, pungent and astringent and traditional Tamil cuisine recommends that you include all of these six tastes in each main meal that you eat. Each taste has a balancing ability that provides nutrition, minimizes cravings, balances the appetite and aids digestion.
Tomato Rasam – A flavour packed thin soup that stimulates the appetite.
Vadai – A tasty savoury lentil fritter.
Payasam – A milk based sweet dish, that’s starts off meals at all special occasions in South India.
Lemon Rice and Coconut Rice  Rice varieties with authentic South Indian Flavours.
Mixed Vegetable Koottu – A medley of vegetables and moong beans flavoured with spices and coconut. 
Green Vegetable Poriyal (Cabbage & Peas  / Beans & Carrots / Chayote) – An assortment of vegetable sides with mild seasoning, and coconut.
Appalam – Poppadums.
Neer Mor – Wash down the delicious meal with a refreshing flavoured butter milk.

South Indian Tiffin SpecialTiffin is a word that originated in British India, and now part of Indian English, to refer to a light afternoon meal or snack.  South Indian Tiffin dishes make for a sumptuous breakfast as well. In this class you will learn few of the classic South Indian dishes.
Idli – Steamed soft white dumplings, ubiquitous in South Indian Homes and Hotels.
Vadai - A tasty savoury lentil fritter.
Masala Dosa – A king of pancakes stuffed with a tasty potato filling.
Sambhar – Vegetables and Lentils cooked in a tangy tamarind sauce, a great accompaniment with idlis and dosas.
Chutney – A tasty coconut dip.
Kesari Bath – Sweet Saffron flavoured semolina.

Indian Currys Special  - Learn an assortment of four different curry flavours in one class. You will then be able to adapt to numerous dishes at home! If you think curry powder makes a good curry you are in for a surprise!
Murgh Makhanwala - Indian Butter Chicken, a dish that’s popular all over the world. It is chicken cooked in a tasty red gravy.
or   Paneer Makhanwala (Vegetarian) – The vegetarian version of Butter Chicken made with Indian Cottage Cheese.
Chingiri Maacher Malai Curry – A classic Bengali dish of prawns cooked in a rich coconut gravy.
or  Vegetable Stew  (Vegetarian) – Mixed Vegetables cooked in a spiced coconut gravy.
Mutter Masala – Green Peas in a flavour packed Corriander and Mint gravy.
Navratan Kurma – Faintly sweet, Navratan means 9 gems and is a  rich curry of mixed vegetables, cooatge cheese and nuts cooked in a creamy white sauce.
Jeera Rice - Cumin and herb flavoured rice.

Vegan The Indian cuisine offers an enviable number of vegan dishes. These are proud traditional recipes wholesome in themselves, and don’t require substitutes for meat, egg or dairy products. Explore a few different recipes and never again be short of tasty vegan meal ideas! 
Pakodas – Deep fried fritters of assorted vegetables.
Vegetable Biriyani – One of the best ways to have rice, the vegetable biryani is a holiday treat of richly flavoured aromatic basmati rice and vegetables.
Okra /Brinjal / Chillie Salan – A salan is a very tasty gravy accompaniment to have with Biryani. You can have salan as is, or add in okra / brinjal / chillie.
Kachumber – An Indian salad with coriander and mint.
Sundal  – a lip smacking dish with chickpeas that’s  great to pass around at a party, or snack on while watching your favourite movie!
Sweet Boondi – Light crunchy golden coloured balls soaking with sugar syrup.

Indian Street Food (any two)
Masala Dosa – Indian Pancake stuffed with chutneys and potato, served with tangy lentils and coconut dip
Pav Bhaji – A delicious curry of mixed vegetables along with a typical butter fried roll.
Channa Bhatura – A luxurious deep fried flat bread with a tasty chick pea curry.
Pakoras and Bondas – Assorted Indian Style vegetable and cottage cheese fritters.

Indian Sweets (Any two)
Badam Halwa - This is an halwa made of almonds. It  is one of the most indulgent halwas, and usually prepared for festive occasions, birthdays, weddings and so on.

Moong Dal Halwa - This is again a very rich and royal halwa is made of moong beans, that’s made in the state of Rajasthan.

Badushah or Balushahi - This is a famous Indian sweet made during festivals. It has a layered texture and is coated with sugar syrup.

Badam Poori Payasam - Paayasams are South Indian sweets of different grains in sweetened milk. There are a variety of paayasams made from rice, sago, semolina and so on.  This variety uses small deep fried biscuits, finished with almonds and saffron.

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